You will find the answers of the most asked questions here.


Is a specific visa required to travel to France? Do I need a passport or another administrative paper?


There is no unique answer to your question as it depends on your citizenship.


For European citizen specific formalities apply (see below), and in some cases it is possible to have the treatment partly paid directly by the National Health System of the European country of origin.


For other citizenships, please visit the website from the French Government to see if you can find out about your personal situation, or contact your local Government dedicated Department to make sure that you will be authorized to travel abroad for medical treatment.




Should I encourage a relative to come with me? Will he/she be able to enjoy the area despite my treatment?


Despite the support and care quality the team will provide to you, it is impossible to replace the attention and empathy brought by a family member or friend. This is why we strongly recommend that you do not come alone. You should not worry about he/she loosing ends: most of Capio Group Clinics in France are located in touristic areas and there is no doubt that a few days’ trip will be enjoyable.


Low cost airlines also offer a variety of flights to those destinations. If you decide to come alone, to make you feel more comfortable about it an option is to use a facilitator’s service who will watch after your global wellbeing while in France.


We have agreements with some of them and could advise you if need be.




Is it safe to travel to France for medical treatment?


What do you mean by safe? In terms of living standards, France is one of the most developed countries in the World, in fact it is similar to the level you could find in United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany …


In terms of Health management, France has been rated N°1 by the World Health Organization (United States is ranked 37th, Canada 30th, Switzerland 20th, Germany 25th). The medical offer is abundant, with both public and private sectors, from which the patient can choose.


This choice left to the patient together with the wide medical offer encourages competition and search of excellence. Both factors lead to excellent value for money, in a safe environment.




Do you recommend specific accommodations for my wife / my husband if she/he wants to come with me ?


A wide choice of accommodation is available by clicking on the Cities’ tourist office internet sites.


We can help you choose by recommending accommodations near the chosen clinic and the city center.




As a foreign patient, what are my rights, am I entitled to the same rights than French people?


In France Patients’ rights are the same no matter their origin. The French government has made sure those Patients were properly informed about it and has translated on its website the French « Hospitalized Patient Charter » which you will find in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese.




I am a European citizen and I read that I have the right to benefit from treatment abroad. How to proceed?


Yes indeed, as a European citizen you are entitled to benefit from a treatment abroad, which means that you may be partially or fully reimbursed by your local health system provided you meet certain conditions.


You will find more information at the following link: PLANNED TREATMENT IN EUROPE